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This site will help you and your business grow by joining with other specialists to provide quality services to organisation procurement teams.

Are you missing opportunities because there is a service that you dont provide. Register now and work with other specialists as a consortium and win that business.

A lot of organisations that hold a procurement process are wlling to entertain a consortium bid. Create relationships on bids where two or more suppliers can provide the buyer with the service they require which may benefit them more than a larger fm outfit whom would add a financial layer and sub contract the contract disciplines.

where to look for opportunities

This site aims to bring you tools and reference material to help find opportunities and to help you approach and provide the buyers with a great bid and quality submission.

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want to know what sme's think about he procurmen process , ojeu, pqq's and itt's, read these pages and it may prove useful when putting together your tender document so that you get interest from the right suppliers that fit your organisations policies and ethics.